Weight Management

running in the parkObesity is a growing problem in the UK and affects men, women and children alike. I work with one of Britain’s leading coaching companies to deliver an effective weight loss programme. The Weight Management Programme does not simply focus on diets. It is a 12 step programme that helps clients understand the underlying causes of their weight problem. It helps them to identify their values, to set life as well as weight goals, to uncover any limiting beliefs they have about their ability to lose weight and keep it off and it helps them to and make internal and external changes to break the cycle of weight loss/weight gain experienced by so many people who simply diet. Reasearch shows that execessive weight gain is often an unconscious response to sexual abuse. I have the skill and experience of working with individuals to deal with painful experiences which enables them to lose and keep their weight off. All sessions are dealt with in the strickest of confidence. If you feel you could benefit from this programme please contact me now. Take the first step to end your weight gain/weight loss cycle.

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