Executive Coaching

MeetingMore than 80%* of companies and organisations use coaching. Why? Because coaching has a proven track record to:

  • Develop employees.
  • Prepare employees for promotion.
  • Inspire executives and senior managers.
  • Help new managers/supervisors become effective very quickly.
  • Build self confidence

In today’s rapidly changing work environment it is not always possible or cost effective to send employees on training courses. If you are a small company this is especially true as you need your employees to learn on the job. Coaching is therefore an ideal solution; employees improve their skills by working with real live situations, not just text-book or hypothetical ones. Coaching benefits all levels in the corporate structure. Who motivates and inspires senior managers? Increasingly coaches do, particularly when they are outside the executive’s organisation and provide a confidential and objective ear.

Coaching for team development. With the rapid pace of change in the workplace teams need to be able to respond quickly and effectively. Poor teamwork saps energy, stunts business growth and diminishes productivity. In some service sectors poor teamwork can actually put lives at risk. If you are concerned about the bottom line; poor teamwork costs money through poor customer care, lost opportunities and poor productivity.

Oasisolutions has many years experience helping of teams to realise their full potential. I work with them to identify where changes need to be made and then equip them with the skills to make the changes. I’m about empowerment, not dependence. I can help your team to perform at levels only previously dreamt of. Call today to discuss how I can help your team (s).

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