About Me

Predencia GabbidonI am managing Director of Oasisolutions. I specialize in Life and Executive Coaching. Very early in life I realized that my purpose in life is to be a catalyst for change – for helping people to grow.I trained and worked as a teacher. Further training in Psychology helped me to understand how people limit themselves in so many ways – when they could be living bigger, happier, more loving and fulfilling lives. I applied this knowledge to individuals and organisations and saw real and dramatic changes in individuals and in the workplace. Teams worked more efficiently; organisational changes were effected more smoothly. I have also worked for over 25 years with children and adults who have experienced abuse and helped them to regain totalĀ control of their lives. I believe in the power of positive thinking, and I know that if you take action you can make real change in all areas of your life. Take action now – give me a call for a free 30 minute session on +44 (0) 121 373 0958

My passion is people. I work with them to bring balance to thier mind, body and spirit so that they can enjoy their work, live in positive and supportive relationships, connect with others in a real and meaningful way and live fulfilled and happy lives.

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